Authors of accepted papers must follow the steps described below for inclusion of the paper in the conference proceedings. Note that the conference proceedings will be published in the IFIP Open Digital Library, with open access, and submitted to IEEE Xplore®.


I – Revise your Paper

Revise your paper following carefully reviewers’ comments and do a thorough proofread to ensure that no further revision will be required. Final versions must not exceed 6 pages in IEEE 2-column style, including references and annexes (if any). If the paper is typeset in LaTeX, please use an unmodified version of the LaTeX template IEEEtran.cls version 1.8(b), and use the preamble:

\documentclass[10pt, conference, letterpaper]{IEEEtran}

Do not use additional LaTeX commands or packages to override and change the default typesetting choices in the template, including line spacing, font sizes, margins, space between the columns, and font types. This implies that the manuscript must use 10 point Times font, two-column formatting, as well as all default margins and line spacing requirements as dictated by the original version of IEEEtran.cls version 1.8(b). DO NOT include page numbers.

See for IEEE templates and formatting requirements.


II – Verify IEEE Xplore Compatibility

Use IEEE PDF eXpress PLUS to check if your paper is Xplore compatible.

  1. Log in to the IEEE PDF eXpress PLUS site
  2. Create a new account, using 43823XP for the Conference ID
  3. Submit your .pdf file and verify that it passes the PDF check procedure
  4. The approved file is labeled within its document properties as being “Certified by IEEE PDF eXpress”, with an exact date and time stamp. ANY changes made to your PDF at this point will impact Xplore compatibility
  5. To submit the approved .pdf file, click on the “Approve for Collection” link
  6. Note that the paper sources as well as the final version of your paper have to be also submitted by email to


III – IFIP Copyright Form

Fill in and sign a IFIP copyright transfer form, see


IV – Include Paper Sources and Figures to Final Submission

Prepare a .zip file named (X is your paper’s number) containing the IEEE PDF eXpress PLUS verified final version of your paper (pdf), the signed copyright form, and the full sources of the paper, including figures and any additional files needed for paper generation. Please verify that the submitted paper sources are exactly those generating the final pdf version of your paper.


V – Submit your Files

Submit the corresponding zip file by email to, using “mnm2018-camre-paperX” as email subject. Note that your attachment size must be limited to 25MB.

Submission deadline is Friday, 8th of June, 2018. No extensions will be granted, so please plan accordingly.


VI – Register for the Workshop

To be published in the TMA 2018 Conference Proceedings and to be eligible for publication in IFIP ODL and IEEE Xplore®, an author of an accepted workshop paper is required to register for the workshop. Note that this requirement is compulsory, independently of having received a travel grant.


Policies on Presenters and No-Shows

Each paper must be presented by an author of the paper in person at the workshop. Presentations via teleconference (e.g., Skype) or pre-recorded tape are not permitted. Permission to have the paper presented by a substitute presenter may be granted by the Workshop Chairs under certain extraordinary circumstances. Authors with travel contingencies should consider arranging a substitute presenter. A substitute presenter must be qualified to answer questions regarding the paper.

A paper not presented or presented by a non-author without prior written approval by the Workshop Chairs will be removed from the final conference proceedings.