Submission Instructions

Authors should only submit original work that has not been published before and is not under submission to any other venue. Submissions must not exceed 8 (eight) pages in IEEE 2-column style, 10pt, plus 2 (two) additional pages for references and appendices, in PDF format only.

IMPORTANT: The review process is DOUBLE-BLIND, hence do not include authors’ names and affiliations in the paper. Papers must print clearly and legibly, including all the figures, on standard black-and-white printers.

If the paper is typeset in LaTeX, use the preamble \documentclass[10pt, conference, letterpaper]{IEEEtran}. Do not use additional LaTeX commands or packages to override and change the default typesetting choices in the template, including line spacing, font sizes, margins, space between the columns, and font types.

If you are using Microsoft Word to format your paper (consider moving to LaTeX!), you should use an unmodified version of the Microsoft Word IEEE Transactions template (US letter size). The templates are available here:

Submissions that do not comply with all requirements listed above will be rejected without further review.

Authors are encouraged to publicly release their dataset and code upon acceptance and mention their intent in the submission. Further information about the dataset and code may be added to the appendix.

We will follow ACM’s policy on use of generative AI in scientific publications. Generative AI tools and technologies, such as ChatGPT, may not be listed as authors of an ACM published Work. The use of generative AI tools and technologies to create content is permitted but must be fully disclosed in the Work.

Ethical Considerations

Papers describing experiments with users or user data (e.g., network traffic, passwords, social network information), should follow the basic principles of ethical research, e.g., beneficence (maximizing the benefits to an individual or to society while minimizing harm to the individual), minimal risk (appropriateness of the risk versus benefit ratio), voluntary consent, respect for privacy, and limited deception. When appropriate, authors are encouraged to include a subsection describing these issues. Authors may want to consult the Menlo Report for further information on ethical principles, Authors should further consult the ACM policy on research involving human subjects for further information on ethical principles that apply to this conference. the Allman/Paxson IMC ’07 paper for guidance on ethical data sharing.

All papers must include a statement about ethical issues in the appendix; papers that do not include such a statement may be rejected. This could be, if appropriate for the paper, simply the sentence “This work does not raise any ethical issues.”. If the work involves human subjects or potentially sensitive data (e.g., user traffic or social network information, evaluation of censorship, etc.), the paper should clearly discuss these issues, perhaps in a separate subsection. Even if the research has been approved by the institution’s ethical review body, it still might not be sufficient. In cases where the PC has concerns about the ethics of the work in a submission, the PC will have its own discussion of the ethics of that work.

Submission Website

Papers must be submitted here by creating a personal account. The article metadata, including title, up-to-250-word abstract, and authors list, must be provided before the paper registration deadline.


Papers accepted for presentation will be published in the IFIP Open Digital Library, with open access, and submitted to IEEE Xplore.