Old Town

Dresden’s old town has many attractions and highlights. Some of the main attractions are the following:

Frauenkirche, Dresden (Wikipedia)

Photo: Patrick Eichler (DML-BY)

Dresden Castle (Wikipedia)

Photo: Frank Exß (DML-BY)

Semperoper (Wikipedia)

Photo: Frank Exß (DML-BY)

Brühl’s Terrace (Wikipedia)

Photo: Patrick Eichler (DML-BY)


Neustadt is a district known for its bohemian atmosphere, eclectic street art, and a range of trendy cafes and bars. Characterized by its colorful buildings and alternative culture, Neustadt attracts both locals and tourists looking for a unique and lively experience in the city.

Photo: Florian Kneffel (DML-BY)

Saxon Switzerland

Saxon Switzerland is a national park southeast of Dresden. Common activities are hiking and climbing but also enjoying the beautiful nature. It can be reached by car (45 min. from Dresden main station) and train (35 min. from Dresden main station).

Photo: Alex Azabache (Unsplash)

Photo: Alexander Henke (Unsplash)