Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference

TMA 2019 - Open Call for Site Proposals (EU-located Only)

The TMA Conference Steering Committee has decided to issue an open call for site proposals to host TMA Conference 2019. Site proposals can be just a page or two in length (pdf format). Send proposals via email to <> with the header: "TMA Conference 2019 Site Proposal".

Submission deadline: September 9th, 2018

Site proposals should address the following four aspects:

A: City – NOTE that only EU cities qualify for hosting TMA Conference

+ The city should have/be located near a major international airport, within a maximum of 1 hour of regular train service and/or 45 minutes of cab/shuttle service.
+ The city should have potential venues for a reception, a social dinner and a gala dinner.

B: Venue

+ The proposed venue should have capacity for about 150 attendees, including side-venues for the TMA PhD School (about 70 attendees) and 2-3 concurrent workshops and/or similar events.
+ The venues should include or allow for rental of equipment for Internet connectivity for 150 attendees in the main conference hall.
+ A sample list of possible venues with a 1-line description addressing logistics (time to get there, need for transportation) would be useful.
+ Transportation to these events should be less than 30 minutes each way.

C: Conference General Chair

+ Name and affiliation of a recognized member of the TMA community based in the proposed site city, who is willing to serve as general chair.
+ The names and affiliations of a few other candidates which the chair can enlist to serve on the committee, notably a local person as local arrangements chair, a publicity chair, etc.

D. Dates

+ The conference is typically held during the month of June. Please indicate potential candidate dates within this range.
+ Note that the TMA Conference and side events run over a full week, from Monday morning to Friday noon.

Previous TMA Conferences


The Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference (TMA) is a highly selective venue for the presentation of both early-stage and mature research as well as controversial works on all the aspects of network measurements. The focus is on improving the practice or application of measurements, across the entire network stack up to the application layer, with an emphasis on new areas of network communication such as Software-Defined Networks, Cloud services, Content Distribution Networks, Social Networks, mobile applications and data centers. We also welcome more traditional measurement topics, such as traffic classification, anomaly detection, network performance evaluation and traffic analysis.

The Conference maintains the tradition of open and lively interaction between scientists and engineers in academia or industry and serve as a premier forum to exchange ideas, present new results and advance the state-of-the-art.

PhD School

The conference is traditionally co-located with the traditional TMA PhD school, started back in 2010 and recognized as the most important PhD school in network measurement and analysis topics. The TMA PhD school usually brings more than 30 PhD students who are interested in TMA topics, and will bring a vivid contribution to the audience and present their research work in a poster session.


The IEEE/IFIP TMA Conference is a unification of three successful workshops:

  • IFIP/ACM Traffic Monitoring and Analysis Workshop (TMA) - Kevin C. Almeroth's stats
  • IEEE Workshop on TRaffic Analysis and Characterization (TRAC)
  • IEEE Workshop on Network Measurements (WNM)

They have a long tradition, and below you can find the links to all previous editions.


Steering Committee

  • Pere Barlet-Ros, UPC BarcelonaTech (Spain)
  • Alessio Botta, University of Napoli Federico II (Italy)
  • Christian Callegari, CNIT (Italy)
  • Emir Halepovic, AT&T Labs – Research (USA)
  • Ramin Sadre, Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium)
  • Sandrine Vaton, Télécom Bretagne (France)
  • Idilio Drago, Politecnico di Torino (Italy) 
  • Pedro Casas, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (Austria)
  • Amogh Dhamdhere, CAIDA UC San Diego (USA)
  • Nur Zincir-Heywood, Dalhousie University (Canada)
  • Anna Sperotto, University of Twente (The Netherlands)
  • Niklas Carlsson, Linköping University (Sweden)