This year’s TMA conference will be free for all to attend. For planning purposes, we ask interested participants to complete this registration form to signify their intention to attend. This data will be stored and used for statistical purpuses and to send login details and credentials and conference updates to participants.

The registration closes Wed Sep, 15 2021 (end of conference)

TMA is an open forum for researchers to exchange and discuss ideas. To make TMA broadly accessible, technical sessions will be audio and video recorded and/or live broadcasted through web streaming. When attending TMA you agree on the collection and on the processing of your personal data and on the publication of the audio and video recordings and/or web streaming. The publication of the recordings are planned to be publicly available. Speakers can opt-out by not giving consent to the email sent to authors. If you do not agree with your video or voice being recorded and published during Q&A/panels, please indicate this at the beginning of your question so that we can remove it from the recordings.

Please contact Helge Reelfs in case of problems with the registration.