Excursion by kayak at “Baia delle Rocce Verdi”

Excursion by kayak on June 26th, at 18:00, at the baia delle Rocce Verdi, Posillipo, Napoli.

At the end of the doctoral school, a bus is scheduled at 17:30 to take our guests from Palazzo Gravina to the “Baia delle Rocce Verdi” in Posillipo, the most fascinating neighbourhood in Napoli. The bus will stop in front of the Posillipo Theater, and our guests will then take a walk of 1km to reach the beach where the kayaking activity will take place.

For those who can not swim, but still wish to enjoy the breathtaking views of Posillipo, a glass of wine will be served in the same location.

At the end of the activity, at around 20:50, the guests will walk back to the main road (1 km climb with an 88 m difference in altitude https://goo.gl/maps/UYJ2eznF4SHeiDHMA), where they will find the bus ready to take them to the social dinner. The excursion by kayak is organized by “Kayak Napoli”

Social dinner at Pizzeria “Sorbillo” at 21:30

“Sorbillo” is one of the most well-known pizza places in town, where you can savor the authentic taste of Napoli.  

Located right in front of the seaside, “Sorbillo” is a cozy and inviting restaurant that serves the best of Neapolitan cuisine. The variety of wood-fired pizzas is so wide, you will definitely find something on the menu for you. 

Whether you are a first-time visitor to Napoli or a seasoned local, you won’t want to miss this gastronomic experience at “Sorbillo” Piazza Vittoria.